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  • Nov/06/2013
    Talent: Scalability and Distributed Systems
    São Paulo, SP - I'm a software developer passionated about scalability and cloud... Read more.
  • Nov/05/2013
    StartUper: Najeed Khan
    Talent: Anything at the intersection of Engineering and Business
    San Francisco, CA - I am open to the following positions: - Technical/Business... Read more.
  • Nov/04/2013
    StartUper: Brian Davi
    Talent: Everything Digital Marketing - Desktop, Mobile, Search,...
    Marina Del Rey, CA - As a Vice President of Marketing, my track record includes... Read more.
  • Nov/01/2013
    StartUper: Anthony Lau
    Talent: Software Development, Systems Engineer
    Fairfax, VA - Highly motivated and technical individual with a passion for... Read more.
  • Oct/30/2013
    StartUper: Robert Gourley
    Talent: Creative Strategist, UX & VisD for Web and Mobile apps
    San Francisco, CA - Experience Design & Creative Direction, Mobile Apps and Web... Read more.
  • Oct/28/2013
    StartUper: Brian
    Talent: Marketing Team Leader, Revenue & Community Growth...
    San Francisco, CA - I am looking for a role specifically responsible for driving ... Read more.
  • Oct/25/2013
    StartUper: R.
    Talent: Software, technology, health and other systems development...
    Plano, TX - A leadership or support role Resume Information Technologies Experience... Read more.
  • Oct/24/2013
    StartUper: Jim Asiano
    Talent: Project and Program Management and Strategy
    san francisco, CA - Eager to work with a startup to formulate products, services and... Read more.
  • Oct/23/2013
    StartUper: Aaron Krill
    Talent: Python, Software, Systems Engineering, Architecture,...
    Puyallup, WA - I'm looking for interesting problems to solve for cool, laid-back... Read more.
  • Oct/22/2013
    StartUper: E. Innocent
    Talent: Software Engineering (Java, Android, web applications)
    Medellín, ANT - I'm a senior software engineer and US citizen from a top... Read more.
  • Oct/21/2013
    StartUper: Josse Martinez
    Talent: Concept art/2d art/ digital art
    sunnyvale, CA - I am looking to join a mobile game/console game/animation studio... Read more.
  • Oct/21/2013
    StartUper: Robyn Clark
    Talent: Controlling the chaos, herding the cats and Making "...
    Milpitas, CA - I'm looking for a dynamic, fun, casual and a never-know-what-to-expect... Read more.
  • Oct/20/2013
    StartUper: Chris Dodds
    Talent: Infrastructure and Operations Management
    Oklahoma City, OK - I've made a career out of building IT groups from the ground up... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Priyanka Sinha
    Talent: Scientist, Software Engineer, Chord, p2p, NLP, data mining...
    Kolkata, WB - I am looking for either of the following two: 1) Research positions: It... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Megan Burleson
    Talent: Web Designer, Front End Developer with Back end experience
    Davison, MI - 9 years ago, I graduated from college, design degree in hand. My career... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Sarah Dopp
    Talent: Community Project Management
    San Francisco, CA - I've been building websites, blogs, and web community spaces... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Nirali Guzman
    Talent: Marketing, Digital, Business Strategy
    San Francisco , CA - A digital and brand strategist with strong analytical skills.... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Anita Agarwal
    Talent: Social Enterprise + Fortune 500 Strategist | Business...
    New York, NY - Searching for consultant or full-time opportunities to help a social... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Jamie Cantrell
    Talent: Product Marketing Manager
    Pleasant Hill, CA - I am seeking a company that appreciates employees who are willing... Read more.
  • Oct/18/2013
    StartUper: Christina Bedi
    Talent: Marketing and Development
    Boston, MA - I want to share your story. We all have a story worth telling. Let me... Read more.