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  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: John Smith
    Talent: Hight Tech business Start-up junkie
    San Jose, CA - Get involved with a start up that is in need of someone who has been... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Rajesh N
    Talent: Software Development and Management
    San Jose, CA - Stanford, SAP, Yahoo!, EPRI experience in the areas of web development... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Boyd Baumgartner
    Talent: Sales and Business Development
    Portland, OR - Looking for Sales or Business Development opportunities where I can... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Joseph Dandan
    Talent: Supply Chain (Purchasing Planning)
    Alviso, CA - Dear Staffing Team: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Terri Rago
    Talent: Vastly experienced in start-ups and insanely committed...
    San Francisco, CA - Looking to apply my years of leadership experience where I've... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Dan Tran
    Talent: Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain Management,...
    Rohnert Park, CA - I have over 15 years of experience manufacturing/operations... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Anna
    Talent: QA Automation
    Los Gatos, CA - sr QA Automation Selenium, Java, c#, QTP building automatio framework... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: michelle merino
    Talent: Creative Direction, Design Strategy, Organizational...
    San Francisco, CA - Small consumer software company. Food/wine/travel industries... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Kim
    Talent: Marketing / Communications
    San Francisco, CA - Some of my favorite projects have been opportunities to work with... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Vijayakumar
    Talent: NLP, Machine Learning, Polyglot! Scala, C#, JavaScript,...
    Troy, MI - Looking for remote job in Scala, Java, J2EE, Big Data, C#, JavaScript,... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Ken Arnold
    Talent: PR / Communications / Branding / Staff Leadership /...
    San Jose, CA - Director of Public Relations for the next big thing!
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Hannah Greinetz
    Talent: Logistics, Office Organization, Admin Support, Community...
    Oakland, CA - I'm looking for that general support role with a new company. I'm a... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Carl Hazen
    Talent: CAD Drafter
    San Jose, CA - 2012 Dear Hiring Manager, My name is Carl Hazen and I’m writing in... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Lylan Masterman
    Talent: Product guy since 2001
    New York, NY - Somewhere between COO and leading a kick-ass Product team.
  • Oct/29/2012
    Talent: Human resources
    San Jose, CA - Looking for Talent Acquisition, Staffing operations, HR Consulting... Read more.
  • Oct/29/2012
    StartUper: Michael
    Talent: Software Engineering
    Paris, J75 - 7 years of experience in software and web development - Freelance in... Read more.
  • Oct/28/2012
    StartUper: George Pai
    Talent: Business Development.
    San Jose, CA - I'm looking for a Business Development position.
  • Oct/28/2012
    StartUper: justin randall
    Talent: being awesome
    San Francisco, CA - I'm a charismatic relationship-builder who is looking to garner... Read more.
  • Oct/28/2012
    StartUper: maarten dinger
    Talent: accomplished Industrial design expert, conceptual thinker...
    San Francisco, CA - principal/director industrial design role, conceptualize and... Read more.
  • Oct/26/2012
    StartUper: Cole Harris
    Talent: machine learning, data science, statistics
    Houston, TX - Data scientist/statistician with startup experience as a technical... Read more.