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  • Jan/04/2013
    StartUper: Pete Ryan
    Talent: Building businesses from the ground up
    San Francisco, CA - COMPANY DESCRIPTION Dapperr is looking to revolutionize the way... Read more.
  • Jan/03/2013
    StartUper: Aaron
    Talent: UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Architecture...
    San Francisco, CA - I am looking for a platform/opportunity to amaze the world.
  • Jan/01/2013
    StartUper: Chris Hudson
    Talent: marketing communications, business development, public...
    Walnut Creek, CA - Will update later.
  • Dec/31/2012
    StartUper: Richard Klosinski
    Talent: Making things move, making them happen. Electrical/...
    Sacramento, CA - Electrical/Software engineer or CTO/VP of R&D.
  • Dec/27/2012
    StartUper: Stephen Niedzielski
    Talent: Programming, Engineering, and Getting the Job Done
    Colorado Springs, CO - The number one thing I look for in a new opportunity is a... Read more.
  • Dec/25/2012
    Talent: Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Tester Interns
    Los Altos, CA - HTML Online Editor Sample */... Read more.
  • Dec/21/2012
    StartUper: Travis Okamoto
    Talent: Sales, Business Development & Financial professional
    San Francisco, CA - I am looking to find a business/product that I believe has the... Read more.
  • Dec/21/2012
    StartUper: Jennifer Biringer
    Talent: Marketing Communications
    Menlo Park, CA - I am looking for a job in Silicon Valley. I moved to the Bay Area... Read more.
  • Dec/16/2012
    StartUper: Anjul Bahuguna
    Talent: Product Management
    Plainview, NY - bring ideas to life and convert them into sustainable business models
  • Dec/14/2012
    StartUper: Karamba Sagna
    Talent: Electrical Engineer
    Stanford, CA - A highly motivated and self-driven electrical engineer with strong... Read more.
  • Dec/14/2012
    StartUper: Rob Toews
    Talent: CTO / Senior Development Engineer
    Portland, OR - CTO, veteran entrepreneur, and co-founder of 6 startups. Interested... Read more.
  • Dec/11/2012
    StartUper: Ben Holcomb
    Talent: Effectively and efficiently developing software and...
    Los Angeles, CA - I am looking for an excellent business opportunity. I am currently... Read more.
  • Dec/08/2012
    StartUper: Westley
    Talent: Social Media Guru
    Seattle, WA - Flexible position that will allow me to work from home.
  • Dec/07/2012
    StartUper: Ryan Coughlin
    Talent: Implementation, Account Management for web services...
    New York, NY - I am a job seeker looking to build on recent startup experience. Most... Read more.
  • Dec/04/2012
    Talent: Cleantech, Energy, Technology
    Los Gatos, CA - My passion for and understanding of environmental issues, global... Read more.
  • Dec/04/2012
    StartUper: Brett Gregson
    Talent: PHP with the Yii framework, jQuery, HTML5, graphic design
    London, LND - Hi! I have almost 6 years experience in PHP development, specifically... Read more.
  • Dec/01/2012
    StartUper: Michael Sclafani
    Talent: Business Operations, Customer Success, Product Management
    San Rafael, CA - Basically I would love to align my passion for leading and managing... Read more.
  • Nov/29/2012
    StartUper: Mohan Pandiyan
    Talent: Distributed System, Distributed Computing, Java, C++
    Mountain View, CA - I am recent graduate from New York University with a Masters in... Read more.
  • Nov/28/2012
    StartUper: Josh Martin
    Talent: Administrative Assistant / Community Coordinator
    New York , NY - Looking for positions similar to that of an administrative assistant... Read more.
  • Nov/23/2012
    StartUper: Matteo Zanella
    Talent: Product and Strategy Management
    New York, NY - Design of strategies and delivery of new technologies to enable... Read more.