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  • Apr/22/2014
    StartUper: Michael Henry
    Talent: Project Manager/Solutions Architect: I'm good at...
    New York, NY - Talented and accomplished IT Project Manager, Solution Architect, and... Read more.
  • Apr/22/2014
    StartUper: Justin Smith
    Talent: Marketing, Business Development, Digital Marketing,...
    Boise, ID - Looking for an awesome team to help take to the next level!  Full stack... Read more.
  • Apr/22/2014
    StartUper: Phanith Sovann
    Talent: Program Manager/Philanthropy, Public Relations, and...
    Long Beach, CA - Seeking employment at a company that is dedicated to philanthropy or... Read more.
  • Apr/22/2014
    StartUper: James Lambert
    Talent: Sales, Strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, social media
    san francisco, CA - experienced sales rep looking for a role with a start-up.
  • Apr/21/2014
    StartUper: pranjal
    Talent: UI UX Designer
    Sunnyvale, CA - I am looking to work with passionate & product loving people. ... Read more.
  • Apr/17/2014
    StartUper: Jason Woodlee
    Talent: Ruby on Rails Full Stack, SPINE.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch...
    Livingston, NJ - I'm currently looking to help people launch mvps and support rails... Read more.
  • Apr/16/2014
    StartUper: Atish Dipankar
    Talent: Product Manager
    Mountain View, CA - Looking for Product roles in consumer electronics, and mobile... Read more.
  • Apr/14/2014
    StartUper: Justin Mangrich
    Talent: Video/photo editing and producing. Writing for journals...
    Cedar Rapids, IA - I'm looking to do post production video work for companies that... Read more.
  • Apr/14/2014
    StartUper: Shane Robinson
    Talent: ruby on rails development (front and back end) / CTO
    Los Angeles, CA - Hello, I run a technology team and we love to build great products... Read more.
  • Apr/14/2014
    StartUper: Al Moser
    Talent: Control Systems, Software Architecture, Multithreaded...
    Mountain View, CA - I'm very interested in solving problems that involve data ... Read more.
  • Apr/11/2014
    Talent: System Analyst , Coder , Bugger(unconciously) , Debugger...
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA - I'm looking for a gig that can offer good learning ,... Read more.
  • Apr/09/2014
    StartUper: Jessica Marie
    Talent: I like to analyze, create and get sh*t done. Specifically...
    San Jose, CA - About Me: In 2012, I left the finance industry and entered the world... Read more.
  • Apr/07/2014
    StartUper: Brian Byrd
    Talent: Telecom, Operations, Internet, Networks and more
    Dallas, TX - In brief, I am seeking a senior position with an innovative technology... Read more.
  • Apr/03/2014
    StartUper: Jerry Howe
    Talent: My secret super power? The power of Portlandia, or course...
    Portland, OR - GLOBAL SUPPORT & SERVICES DIRECTOR Proven Leadership and... Read more.
  • Mar/31/2014
    Talent: Solutions Architect, Big Data, Consulting, Startups
    Costa Rica, SJ - I am a curious software developer with more than 10 years of... Read more.
  • Mar/30/2014
    StartUper: Josh Frishman
    Talent: teaching, collaborating, instructing, team work, listening...
    Berkeley, CA - To be a part of an exciting, high-energy, and innovative organization... Read more.
  • Mar/27/2014
    StartUper: Anna C
    Talent: Experienced Startup Operations Manager (11+ yrs of...
    San Jose, CA - Experienced Startup Operations Manager seeking new opportunity in the... Read more.
  • Mar/26/2014
    StartUper: Robson V Mafra
    Talent: Java / Grails Developer
    Joinville, SC - I am a Developer with 7 years of experience. I worked as a Java... Read more.
  • Mar/26/2014
    StartUper: Dan Davis
    Talent: Marketing, Branding, communication, strategy, idea...
    Clarkston, MI - My name is Dan. I am a graduating senior (May) from Miami University... Read more.
  • Mar/25/2014
    StartUper: Rick Heggem
    Talent: Defining value propositions and targeted messaging
    Morgan Hill, CA - Great idea looking to add some rocket fuel!