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Zap Surgical was founded in 2014 by a talented group of seasoned experts from the medical device, imaging and robotic sectors. The team wanted to address the problems associated with providing cost-effective RadioSurgery Systems’ and bringing radiation therapies to the 21st century.  Zap Surgicals’ vision is to extend and save patient lives.

At Zap Surgical, we have designed and developed the Zap-X” System, a self-contained, self-shielded therapeutic radiation device aimed at treating head, brain, and neck lesions (benign or malignant) The Zap-X Radiosurgery System is intended to provide treatment planning and image-guided stereotactic radiosurgery and precision radiotherapy for tumors, lesions and conditions in the brain, head and neck when radiation treatment is indicated.

To ensure continued success, we recognize that our employees are our biggest asset and we strive to provide a work environment that is conductive to personal and professional growth.  We want your experience with Zap Surgical to be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.


Zap Surgical, is looking to disrupt and dramatically improve patient lives with cutting edge treatment: Radiosurgery treatment as it should be. For patients confronting serious brain health issues, we are bolding imagining what radiosurgery treatment can be and we fight for it.

Zap Surgical Systems joined on Monday - October 01, 2018.

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