Startupers Resumes

Saturday, February 28

  • Danielle Ancrile

    Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Client Associate

    New York,


    I am looking for an Office Manager Position or Executive Assistant but am open to any position... Read more

Friday, February 27

  • San Jose,


    Opportunities with Start-ups in the HR and talent acquisiton areas.

Thursday, February 26

  • Nishant Mehta

    Dreaming big, knowing how to have fun and getting shit done!

    San Jose,


    Based on my academic inclination and experience in the telecom industry, I am passionate about... Read more
  • Michael Collins

    Small Business Operating Systems; Brand & Sales Strategy; Consultative Sales;...



    Michael Collins coaches and facilitates strategies that help organizations reach their full... Read more
  • Erin Veneziano

    Knowledgebase Management, Process Engineering, General Awesomeness

    San Francisco,


     I want to be your unicorn. I endeavor to be a teammate that makes life easier, business run... Read more
  • Nickolas Olazabal

    Entrepreneur, IT Expert, DevOps



    Professional with 10+ year background in IT, from system administrator with skills of programming... Read more
  • Subramaniyanvg

    Game Developer,Software engineer



    Seeking a challenging career that utilizes my skills in my area of competence and enriches my... Read more

Wednesday, February 25

  • Samantha Beard

    Excellent Customer Service Skills, Experience with Salesforce,



    I am looking for a position where I can grow and thrive. I love being around people and being in a... Read more
  • Kanwaldeep

    Software Engineer

    Union City,


    Hello Dear, I am looking for an internship as currently pursuing masters degree in software... Read more

Tuesday, February 24

  • Igor Strizhakov

    I like to get my hands dirty by altering the computer code to make it run the way

    New York,


    Looking for a second full time job Hi, I'm looking for a full time office clerk job. I currently... Read more
  • Anthony Awadalla

    Business Strategist and Graphic Design

    Aliso Viejo,


    I'm currently in school to receive a certification in Mobile Appilcation Development but to be... Read more
  • Berkeley,


    I have been working as research assistant for five years at two of the most renowned and productive... Read more
  • Arpit Maheshwari

    Front-end and Back-end Developer



    My fortune cookie said, 'Your next interview will result in a job', and I like your company in... Read more

Monday, February 23

  • Enrique Parra

    Drive sales, Social Media Marketing, Create social buzz

    San Lorenzo,


    Marketing, social media, public relations, potential sales driven, challenging, informative,... Read more
  • Ethan Dennis

    Rails Engineering

    San Francisco,


    My name is Ethan Dennis; I am currently a Program Manager in the Supply Chain Organization at... Read more
  • Troy berg

    Building MVP(Minimal Viable Product) and Chief Technology Officer

    A plane flight,


    I am a seasoned startup veteran. Please review my resume and my experience. 
  • Ms. chito collins

    Revenue Generator - Strategic Partnerships

    san jose,


    seeking a senior strategic partnership sales and business channel development position to deliver... Read more

Sunday, February 22

  • Aniket Bhosale

    Software Developer Engineer



    Full time opportunity as a Software Developement Engineer / Software Developement Engineer Test... Read more
  • Eric Minoff

    Sales, Business Developement

    New York City,


    With eight years of experience working with a small team focusing on a soup-to-nuts approach to... Read more
  • Mina Mishriky

    Writing wicked code

    San Jose,


    Currently looking for software engineering opportunities in a company with a young dynamic culture... Read more