Startupers Resumes

Tuesday, June 30

  • Cody S Bennett

    Android Developor/Web Design/Full Stack

    Estes Park,


    A long or short term position. Something that I can grow with even if it is only temporary. I am... Read more
  • Francesca Varney

    Software engineer with skills in back-end and front-end, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, and .NET...



    Looking for a great opportunity in the Bay Area. Love anything-as-a-service or web type work.... Read more
  • Yezi Dong

    Process development, quality control, manufacturing, supply chain management

    redwood city,


    Engineering position in a fast-paced and open-minded working environment. What I can bring to the... Read more
  • Liz Skalla

    Marketing and Business Development

    san francisco,


    Results driven marketer and growth strategist. Past AMA board member and M.S. in Marketing.... Read more
  • Monte N. Faison II

    Software Development, Agile, SCRUM, .NET, Objective-C, iOS, Documentation,...

    New York,


    I would bring value to a Software Development position after 5 years of experience working with... Read more

Sunday, June 28

  • Asma Malik

    Compensation Consultant

    San Jose,


    Dear Sir or Madam: Thank you for reviewing my profile. My expertise are in Compensation Consulting... Read more

Saturday, June 27

  • Yashar Ganjeh

    Problem Solving, Thermal Design and Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining, SoildWorks, FEA...

    Ann Arbor,


    I want to join a team where I can solve interest problems and possibly have an impact. I thrive on... Read more

Friday, June 26

  • Jason Edgar

    Sales, Operations



    I'm looking for a startup in the SF Bay Area that will kindle a fun and productive environment. I... Read more

Thursday, June 25

  • Marcel Anis

    Web Developer



    Looking for a full-time or 12 month contract for a web developer position
  • Ken Smith

    Building and Managing Engineering Teams

    Pompano Beach,


    Experienced in all facets of the software development life cycle I have been managing projects and... Read more

Wednesday, June 24

  • Benjamin Kulakofsky

    Crafting language and communication to tell a brand's story

    San Francisco,


    I want to tell your story and grow your brand in a communications and marketing position. I... Read more
  • John Hennings

    Sales Manager/ People Supervisor



    I'm looking for the next step in my career to help a company succeed by offering my talents and... Read more

Tuesday, June 23

  • Bartosz Solowiej

    Experienced Polyglot - Architect



    The methodology is very simple.   I think creatively about building disruptive products.  I value... Read more
  • Andrzej

    Analytics and implementation



    Business development / strategy / analytics role in a early to mid stage startup, ideally with... Read more
  • Adam Halasz

    Full Stack Web Developer - Node.js/C/PHP

    Mountain View,


    I made the backend for Hungary's biggest humour site Utos that served 4 million unique visitors/... Read more

Monday, June 22

  • Shelley Dyrda

    Content Marketing, Social Media, Growth Hacker, Community Manager, Community Engagement,...



    Content Marketing, Social Media, Growth Hacker, Community Manager, Community Engagement, Digital... Read more
  • Radenko Sarac

    HTML and CSS



    Right now I am looking for any type of administrative job. However, in the future I would love to... Read more
  • Chris Cass

    Generalist / Leader / Manager / Finance

    New York City,


    As a veteran naval officer, I have a lot of experience managing in leading people in complex, high... Read more

Sunday, June 21

  • Teresa Palencia

    Project Management, Account Management, Account Support

    San Francisco,


    I'm Interested in product assistant and/or product specialist roles within a technology company to... Read more
  • Genevieve Kubica

    Attention to detail, cooperates well with everyone, active listener, manages conflict...

    San Francisco,


    "Genevieve wants to join the team!" I want to be happy. I don't want to be defined by what my major... Read more