Startupers Resumes

Wednesday, March 04

  • Maria Orozco

    Business Plan Writing/ Finance/Accounting

    Los Angeles,


    Maria has an BS in Business Management and Finance, and is a current MBA student at Woodbury... Read more
  • Juan Carrera

    Java EE development and mobile applications

    Buenos Aires,


    IT Consultant and entrepreneur specialized in agile software development with more than 11 years of... Read more
  • Cameron Sim

    CTO, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Engineering

    New York,


    Experienced Solutions Architect (15+ years etc) looking for a salaried role in an established Start... Read more

Tuesday, March 03

  • durgesh yadav, c#, sql server, mvc



    i am looking for work from home for new or maintenance projects in
  • Sean Mentzinger

    Signing Deals and Building Repeatable, Dependable Revenue: SaaS, Strategic...

    New York,


    Looking for: Early Stage Start ups in the Mobile, AdTech, and SaaS space serving multichannel... Read more
  • Fabrizio Di Carlo

    I would like to be a Security Engineer...



    I was the kid who didn’t break apart my Rubik’s cube so that I could get all the colors lined up—I... Read more

Monday, March 02

  • Alexei Ryan

    Creative Director

    Bay Area,


    Looking for something exciting, volatile, and lucrative in a startup with great culture and people... Read more
  • Ramya

    Quick Learner

    Santa Clara,


    I would love to develop , design any new product / application / ios app with complete involvement... Read more
  • Ryan Beard

    Frontend Web Developer

    San Francisco,


    Looking for a front end development position (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but have also worked full... Read more
  • Andrea Tempesta

    Internationalize comanies



    I am Andrea and  I recently earned my Masters degree in International Management at the University... Read more

Sunday, March 01

  • Kuntal Desai

    Citrix Virtual Desktop Infracture, Vmware, End User Systems



    Hi, I am looking for a job in a prestigious organization where I can use and improve my skills for... Read more
  • Ashish Paliwal

    Core Java, Big Data



    Hi, I am an Open Source committer and avid learner. Contributa a lot to Apache Flume (can see my... Read more
  • John Muller

    Tenacious worker dedicated to getting the job done -- the eye of an architect,the grasp of a pit...



    Looking for a part-time clerical job with a startup.  I have an old-fashioned work ethic ( no... Read more

Saturday, February 28

  • Lisa Pavlides

    Getting stuff done!



    Fast paced company where my experience can help drive success!
  • Danielle Ancrile

    Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Client Associate

    New York,


    I am looking for an Office Manager Position or Executive Assistant but am open to any position... Read more

Friday, February 27

  • San Jose,


    Opportunities with Start-ups in the HR and talent acquisiton areas.
  • Nicholas Shakhmatov

    Frontend developer / UI designer. Co-founder

    Koh Samui,

    Surat Thani

    A passionate and motivated frontend developer with 15+ years in the industry working on various... Read more

Thursday, February 26

  • Nishant Mehta

    Dreaming big, knowing how to have fun and getting shit done!

    San Jose,


    Based on my academic inclination and experience in the telecom industry, I am passionate about... Read more
  • Jack Li

    Ops Coordinator/Product Manager/Project Manager

    san Francisco,


    Any job that is fun and exciting that you think suits my skill sets!
  • Emerald Tchong

    accounting, analyst

    san francisco,


    I am looking for opportunities in accounting, analyst, and business related.