1. How long does my job stay posted on the home page? 30 days on the home page. After that it moves off the home page and remains accessible. Post remains indefinitely in our system until you delete it or 3 years passes.
  2. Hi support. How do I prevent my jop post on Startupers from being available in google search results? Never fear the Goggle bot! There is a way to remove yourself from the Google. Go to Google Support
  3. Do you make a profit? Not yet. All proceeds go to hosting, advertising and charity. Visit our blog to see the charity cases we support.
  4. Are you a serious website? Yes. Like a heart attack but with better results.
  5. Are you funded? Yes by a silicon valley venture capitalist who wishes to remain an anonymous silicon valley venture capitalist.
  6. How long have you been around? Sometime in May of 2006.